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Pretty Enough To Save A Nation🔥

As a makeup artist, my journey through the realm of beauty has taken me beyond skin-deep contemplations. Don't get me wrong, there's immense fulfillment in adorning women with artistry. But as I meticulously craft beauty reels, share captures of my work, and shape business visions, a question lingers: What more can I bestow upon the women I serve? The answer, dear ones, struck me with unexpected force - "More Time!"

In the bustling beauty industry, every service seems to sprint against the clock. It's become a trend, artists boasting 25-minute marvels for tasks that genuinely deserve 60+ minutes. Rapid services mean more people catered to, & more money made, right? Yet, this notion doesn't resonate with my spirit. My time is unequivocally more precious than money. I grappled with the notion of ceaseless acceleration. In a world that's relentlessly fast-paced, I find myself wondering: To what end are we racing?

Remember, each step is divinely predetermined, each outcome orchestrated. No matter how much we push, some things won't transpire until they're ordained by God. Here, let's draw inspiration from Queen Esther. Her story, recorded in its own book within the Bible, echoes of grace and destiny. Esther, a captivating woman from a foreign land, reared by her uncle, radiated beauty inside out. The Bible specifically says she was sightly. That’s code for- she’s a baddie 😂. Upon being chosen as the new Queen from a pool of 999 women, she embarked on a year-long purification journey. Handmaidens pampered and prepared her for her regal role - a whole year devoted to cleansing her body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Today, countless women live without embracing the grace of their own beauty. Being a woman is a divine gift. However, depression, validation-seeking, unhappiness, and other shadows can obscure this radiant gift. Here's a message to share with our dear sisters: "Esther's beauty paved the path to save a nation‼️" Dive into her story; it's relative yet profoundly true. Within us lies the power to transform our lives, communities, and nations. And guess what? It all starts with embracing our innate beauty, precisely as God designed us.

Cease running from your authentic self. Embrace your uniqueness, for you're a beacon of beauty. Your beauty can seat you at tables of significance that defy imagination. But let me clarify, I'm not referring to the cookie-cutter "it girl" look, where everyone blends into uniformity, speaking and dressing alike (no judgment to them👀). I speak of an inner radiance that dazzles. This inner glow can illuminate your features, making you a beauty of profound value to the world. Such beauty empowers you to be a solution, not only to the world but to your very self.

Remember, you're a precious gift, meticulously crafted by divine hands. Embrace your beauty and shine, for God made no errors in your creation. Here's to embracing the timeless grace that dwells within each of us. Raise your glass to you! 🥂

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