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Fresh Starts Are 1 Day at A Time…

It's the start of a fresh new week, and if your last week felt like a déjà vu of the same old, same old, I'm here to sprinkle some positivity into your day! Your days, weeks, months, and years are not stuck on replay. We're rolling into the last quarter of the year, and it's time to break free from that cycle.

So, what can you do to make TODAY different from yesterday? I've heard too many folks with the "Another Day, Another Problem" or "Another Day, Another Dollar" mindset. But guess what? That was never God's plan for you or me. Abundance comes with some awesome friends like peace, joy, and wisdom—check out Proverbs 8, 9, and 10 if you need proof. Maybe you're doubting your power to shape your world because, well, when you believed, not much seemed to change, and maybe things even got worse. But here's a nugget of encouragement: it's often darkest just before the dawn. Don't give up on the process this time; pick up that belief again. Here are some empowerment tips for your week:

1. **Rise Early and Pray:** Start your day with some quality time with the Big Guy upstairs. When there are no distractions, you can recognize His voice and trust the plans He has for you. It's in this sacred space that you learn how to tackle those overwhelming stresses.

*Scripture Reference: Psalm 5:3*

2. **Radical Praise:** Shake off that heaviness! Get up and move that precious gift called your body. Dance and give glory to God. Let your hands clap with vibrant praise for what God is doing, not what you intended. Your praise and gratitude can rocket you to the next level; it's a powerful weapon and a potent seed.

*Scripture Reference: 2 Chronicles 20:20-24*

3. **Stop Working from Your Head:** Put your vision and plan down on paper. Keep it simple for the sake of execution. When you plan on paper, following through on your goals becomes a breeze.

*Scripture Reference: Habakkuk 2*

And hey, if you didn't manage to do all of this today, it's all right—just STOP 🛑. Take a moment to pray, take a deep breath, and thank God for granting you the clarity of mind to handle everything today and throughout the week. Read at least one of the scriptures mentioned above and let your heart be filled with peace. Always remember, God is on your side. In everything you do, be a friend of God, and He will be a friend unto you! Sending love your way, and here's to an incredible week ahead! 🌟

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