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3 products that work on any skin type...

Welcome back to my written blog! I have a topic that is definitely discussion worthy. Today I want us to access our skin needs. At 32 years old, sometimes I have to remember that I am aging! I have dry skin which means fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. For my skin needs I swear by these three products.Don't be alarmed, they will not cost you what you are thinking but will win you everything!!!

Product 1: Water! There is nothing more hydrating than H20, what are the benefits? I could say everything but let's make it specific. What you put in your body is what you get results of on the outside. Many skin irritations, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and dehydration can be reduced and eliminated. Dehydration is one of the biggest issues we face in our bodies and in our faces. Dehydration means that your body is losing excess water. You Are drying out quicker than normal. If that is what dehydration does to your body that means that your skin cannot heal itself from sun damage, and is not as strong in defending our bodies from outside toxins, germs, bacteria.., etc. What am I saying, drink water ladies, our internal needs the moisture and the results externally is that smooth base that you want to be able to create those sultry beauty looks and aesthetics with. Also you feel great, you look great, and you can focus better.


Product 2: Face Oil! Why do you need an oil? Oils give strength to the outer layer of your skin. Oils prevent water loss and soften your skin, while being a sealant all at the same time! I love using face oils as a part of my skin prep for makeup, and at night before bed so that my skin can soak up all of those natural ingredients. Most oils are nature made from some form of plant based remedy specifically for your face and body. You can create your own oil blend by studying what your skin is needing in nutrients and obtaining those oils and putting them together. For oily skin. oil and moisture is your friend. Applying oil will help your skin type tell itself that it has produced enough oil on its on. This won't cure oiliness, however it will limit it over time. Another way to get the oil essentials that you need is to grab an essence and serum. The serum will give your skin that sealant and softness that you are looking to have, while the essence helps that product travel deeper into your epidermis. We need those cells regenerating and working to keep you youthful.

Product 3: Moisturizer! I have two words for you! Anti- Aging. If you want to keep healthy, vibrant, bouncy, skin that is limiting lines and wrinkles- you need another type of sealant which would be a moisturizer. I love ponds which are really inexpensive, however in the skin care routine I would suggest oil of olay! Their moisturizers come with spf in them and we all know that spf is vital to skin safety, skin reparation, and skin health. Do not get caught slipping, all skin can get sun burns, and spf is great indoor and out.

Let's take a moment to access how we are treating the one body we are gifted inside and out. She has to serve us for a long time, we should be good to her always. This isn't makeup only, it is health and wellness, which leads to your being a happy, healthy, and wealthy you! Leave me some comments below of products that you use regularly. Get all of your moisture honey. Until next time, Chow!

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